The Impact of Studying in an International University on Future Job Prospects

European_University_Campus_YvorneSince the worldwide financial crisis started in 2009, a lot of pressure has been put on recent graduates seeking employment. This has led to a widening of the types of jobs and locations young professionals are exploring in order to find professional fulfillment. This new trend has given an interesting advantage to universities that focus on giving their students international experience while earning their degree.

In Europe, some private English-speaking universities have made this one of their core values. For example, European University, which is a higher education institution with campuses in Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona and Munich. The school also has a much wider international reach through partnerships, offering programs in places as remote as Malaysia, Kazakhstan, or China.

The fact that students have the opportunity to mix and befriend international students from other countries, and can also take part in a foreign study experience largely contributes to their preparedness for facing the changing landscape and challenges of a distraught globalized job market. Given the current economic crisis and job shortages, a quality education should take the globalized market into account and provide students with skills that allow them to be flexible on their location.

Here are a few examples of alumni from European University who are thriving in this new professional environment:

Jeremy Konopka:
Studied in Montreux, Switzerland
Works in Poland > Senior Manager of Financial Services at Accenture

Bachtiar H Thamrin:
Studied in Paris, France
Works in Singapore > Vice President at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Fiona Victoria Pesak:
Studied in Barcelona, Spain
Works in Germany > Communications Manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland

Sander Herden:
Studied in Antwerp, Belgium
Works in Switzerland > Global Head of Strategy Solutions at Siemens

Aliki Whitworth:
Studied in Barcelona, Spain
Works in Switzerland > Finance Director at Yahoo!

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